Each year, MCQ members have the opportunity to make a quilt that fits a theme established by the Board. These quilts are on display at the Minnesota Quilt Show in June, then they become part of a traveling exhibit at venues around the state. The 2017 Challenge theme was “Big and Small.”

Let your imaginative interpretations run wild with the 2018 theme: Inspired by [artist of your choice]

Is there an artist who inspires you on your artistic journey? Are you eager to try new techniques, work with new materials, or simply create? Here is your chance to do all of these things by making a quilt in the style of a favorite artist.

Please follow these specifics in constructing your entry:

  • Quilts may be no larger than 36” on each side.
  • Quilts must be rollable for storage and transporting between exhibits. Your quilt should not have embellishments or other dimensional features that could be crushed or broken when the quilt is rolled or stacked with other quilts.
  • Quilts must have a label on the back — preferably in the lower right hand corner — with the quilt title and your name.
  • Quilts must have a 4” hanging sleeve and a flat hanging wood lath stick which has a hole in each end. Write your name on the stick. Instructions for hanging sleeves are available above and on the Minnesota Quilters web site.
  • Quilts must have an appropriately-sized cloth storage bag, such as a pillow case, labeled with your name.

The exhibit forms are due in March; completed quilts are due in May. MCQ challenge: 2018 registation form

Hanging sleeve instructions

Contact exhibit chair Judy Osbon,, Carol Hancuh, cookiemaker1420 [at] gmail [dot] com or Sharon Castle, sharonski99 [at] yahoo [dot] com with questions.

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