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Past Programs

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November 2017

Kristin Lawson quiltSchoolhouse

Five MCQ members demonstrated a technique at stations around the room:

  • Kristin Lawson — Shibori Meets Origami
  • Ann Ribbens — Stitched Shibori
  • Betsy Shannon — Textural Effects
  • Jeanette Van Bockel — Hidden Binding
  • Peg LaSota — Photo Transfer and Stitch

October 2017

Shibori with Sandra Brick

Sandra Brick discussed discharge shibori what happens when you subtract color, i.e., discharge dyeing. Shibori is the Japanese word for embellishing textiles by shaping cloth and securing it before dyeing. Rather than treating cloth as a two-dimensional surface, shibori creates a three-dimensional form by folding, crumpling, stitching, plaiting, or plucking and twisting. After the cloth is secured, color can be added or subtracted.

September 2017

Judy Osbon's Kandinsky quiltClassy” Quilts — MCQ Members Share Their Work from the Sue Benner and Rosalie Dace classes
Our recent survey showed that our favorite programs showcase the work of MCQ colleagues. September’s program will be a fantastic and expanded show-and-tell featuring the original designs done in (or inspired by) the four workshops taught by Sue Benner and Rosalie Dace.

For each workshop, one of our members will provide a brief overview of the class content and then participants will share their creative work using those techniques.

  • Dye Painting — introduced by Sue Martin
  • Fusing — introduced by Peg LaSota
  • Sheers — introduced by Wendie Zekowski
  • Kandinsky — introduced by Judy Osbon

August 2017

"Candy Sticks" by Lori Allison“Simple Piecing, Spectacular Quilts,” with Lori Allison

Lori Allison will use a series of quilts to illustrate how you can let color, print, and value do the work to make your quilts sparkle and sing. Her fun, visual, and enlightening lecture will give you the confidence to approach your own fabric stash with fresh eyes. She owns an online and show vending business, featuring the Kaffe Fassett Collective fabrics from Westminster Fabrics.

July 2017

Rose Allen quiltFive by Five

Five members showed five quilts, one early one and four of their choice. Presenters included BrendaLou Scott, Rose Allen, Jane Ellison, Tina Hughes and Jenny Gants-Moen. Each quilter spoke about their inspiration for their pieces as well as their content and techniques.

June 2017

Tracy Krumm mashupTracy Krumm: “(Like) a Quilt: Contemporary References”

The quilt and allusions to it — in form, design, and function — are abundant in the contemporary art world. Tracy Krumm’s lecture highlights a range of artists who use the quilt and ideas about quilting to feed their creative practices and make their work. Interpretations of the quilt — as a system of organizing information, a reference to the grid, and a cover for the bed and the body — provide a series of inspiring images that travel from boro to sculpture to design and highlight the nature of the quilt in fresh and often ambiguous ways.

May 2017

"Here and Now" quilt by Rosalie DaceRosalie Dace lecture: “Color, Creativity, and Quilts”

Color is the most striking feature of any quilt, yet many people are afraid to use it. Rosalie Dace’s lecture will discuss different color combinations used successfully by fiber artists.

This lecture is our meeting night, so there is no charge for MCQ members. Guests are $20.

April 2017

Pat Cox quiltPat Cox, Hand Applique
Pat Cox has been teaching quilting and applique for over 45 years, and applique is her favorite technique. Her presentation will discuss the history of applique from its origins in England to the 1930s in the USA. Her work has covered the fads in applique as well as research into various folk-art techniques. Her Japanese-inspired work is her version of art quilts.

March 2017

Scarf by Shakun Maheshwari“Textiles and Batik” with Shakun Maheshwari
Textiles can provide warmth and comfort, tell a story, express an idea, mark status, record history, conceal or reveal, make a statement, or preserve culture. Shakun Maheshwari’s imagination starts creating as soon as she sees a white piece of fabric. She loves to add colors to a blank white space and enjoys the process of colors spreading across cotton and silk. Human nature is to be inventive and find ways to control the spread of colors on a textile. One way of doing so is to use a resist method. Batik is a technique that uses a wax resist to create a design. Shakun is going to talk about batik and other methods to decorate fabric with dyes and paints and about ways to apply the various techniques in different creative activities.

February 2017

Journal page by Briana Goetzen Begin with a Mark: Art Journaling Your Way to Your Unique Brilliance,” with Briana Goetzen
“Art journaling pulls your biggest dreams right into your life,” says artist Dale Anne Potter. Creative expression, moving your hands, and playing with art materials all help you to access this force inside of you. Your inner guidance moves you toward things that inspire you, that light you up and bring you joy. Wouldn’t it be wonderful to have a visual record of these inklings? Allow Briana Goetzen of to introduce you to the wonderful world of art journaling! The art journal is a playground for visual experiments in mixed media, collections, notes, plans, and doodles. Art journaling is a creative practice that transforms and changes you. All you have to do is begin with a mark.

January 2017

William Morris textile “Nature Motifs in Textiles Around the World,” with Sarah Nassif
Decorative patterns throughout human history have depicted plants, flowers, and other natural elements. Sarah Nassif will present a surprising array of slides that show culturally significant designs developed by people from Germany to Jaipur, Sweden to the American Southwest, and more.

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